WCUPSA is committed to using the power of sport to convey enduring life lessons of responsibility, leadership, respect, accountability and teamwork in a positive learning environment. We are privileged to touch the lives of young athletes, and our educational activities are designed to enhance their abilities both within and outside of the game.

We will support our mission by focusing on the following objectives:

  • Develop athletes of all ability levels –recreational through elite - by building their skills, confidence, fitness, and teamwork, and challenging them to improve
  • Recruit, maintain, and support high quality coaches that are experienced professionals and exceptional educators
  • Create and implement educational opportunities across disciplines from soccer, to basketball, to nature and hiking, to baseball.
  • Integrate critical life lessons into curricula to develop leadership skills and foster personal growth
  • Foster an inclusive, positive learning environment that builds self-esteem and motivates youth to participate


Our staff comprises accomplished educators who are notable not only for their advanced achievements in athletics, but for their integrity and dedication to the mentoring of young players. Read more

First Camp

Our first camp in 1993 established World Cup Sports Academy as a leader in youth sports on the Main Line.